10 Ways Music Can Glorify God

Be thankful to God with every enjoyment of music

Among the gifts from God is music and we shouldn’t replace Him with music as the object of our delight. Music is meant to draw our attention and hearts closer to His glory, love and power and not take His place.

Get back to an old collection of music


Music has been made since Genesis time and new gospel music is released time after time. It is important to appreciate the music that God has given us throughout history. However, not all music produced ages ago is good. Music that stands the test of all times is what you should go back to.

Widen your taste for music


As God-given, music is His creation and is to serve His glory. We should appreciate different styles, expressions and varieties of music. Venture into new genres apart from what you know and what you love. Listen to a wide selection of gospel music.

Know how much music you purchase


There are several downloading services for music online that may make you get overwhelmed and lose track on the amount you spend on music. Buy music that you know you can listen to and overspending on music. Track your budget.

Take a music fast


Take time to give up music, maybe for a day, a month or two. However, you can limit how often you listen to music by taking that time to read the bible or engage in community work. You will be dedicating more time to positive use.

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Instead of listening to music, make your own


You not necessarily need to have a gift in vocals, or playing any musical instrument. God commands us to sing in psalms and creating music frees one from the bondage or temptation to indulge in crime that the bible detests.

Join others in listening to music


It doesn’t matter what the gadget you are using. It also doesn’t need to be too loud for enjoyment. As long as you can all listen while in a group, the better. This is a good way of sharing and communicating. Listen to music that all of you like.

Do away with music dedicated for listening only after backsliding


These songs are discouraging because once we choose salvation, God transforms our past and we no longer carry our mind and body desires and the passions of the heart. Get rid of music that may be a hindrance to maintaining your salvation.

Evaluate the music you listen to


Weigh the quantity and quality of music you choose to listen to. Music has a greater effect on you than you can imagine. Check what type of music you listen to, how much you do, for how long and during which situations. Ask for help from your pastor to know which right musical path to take.

Listen to music in good and bad times


Music lifts the spirit and resurrects the dead virtues in us. Listening to music in both bad and good times strengthens our belief in salvation, Christianity and the Lord.